Leaders of the Pack

Let us take care of the packing services for you. Our trained staff know how to properly position your goods in boxes to ensure their safe arrival at your new destination.
Be sure to ask about packing services when you receive your in home quote.

Organized Packing

Make things easy to find when you arrive at your new place. We ensure labels and colour codes are clear, ensuring your moved is organized and simple. Canada’s moving experts. Enjoy a full range of services, including local and long-distance moves, packing, storage, and more! Get your free quick quote now.

Packing Perfection

There should be no surprises when opening boxes to see broken items. We use the right sized box with adequate paper stuffing, making sure all items have a safe comfortable move.

Furniture Assembly

We bring all the tools and know how. We help break it all down and with our unpack service, put it all back together again.

Pack It Right

When you use our boxes, it enables tight packing with less shifting, ensuring the best protection for your goods.

Clear Labels Matter

Use coloured tape in addition to labelling rooms on boxes, this helps the movers know what goes to the basement, main and top floors.


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