Boxes Big and Small

Eh Buddy Moving Ltd. offers all of the tools you’ll need to prepare for your big moving day. We provide Moving Boxes. At Eh Buddy Moving Ltd, we are passionate about providing top tier services to our customers.  All of the things that could go wrong with a move, are prevented with our best-practice strategies through our 3 point promise.

We have a variety of different size boxes, plus all of the necessary moving essentials:

  • Wardrobe boxes – Move all those suits and expensive clothes without the wrinkles
  • Picture boxes – Protect your pictures and paintings
  • TV boxes – Offers protection for your large screen TV
  • Markers – Label your boxes for room assignment or FRAGILE for the delicate items
  • Packing tape – Rolls of tape to tape up the box seams for maximum strength
  • Packing paper – Use this with your fine china and glass goods to ensure that nothing gets broken
  • Shrinkwrap – Wrap up your furniture and loose items for safe transportation
  • Custom-built crates – For the odds sized items that you can’t fit in a normal box


Pack It Right

When you use our boxes, it enables tight packing with less shifting, ensuring the best protection for your goods.

Clear Labels Matter

Use coloured tape in addition to labelling rooms on boxes, this helps the movers know what goes to the basement, main and top floors.


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  • Date March 2, 2019
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