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Piano moving?
Did you know that most pianos weigh approximately 400-900 lbs and a large grand piano can weight 1300 lbs or more? Don’t worry, extra large items are no problem for our highly skilled team.  We have the tools and the know how to move the big things as easily as we move the small things.


How We Help

From the moment we arrive at your place for a consultation, you’ll notice our experience and attention to detail.  We ask the right questions to ensure everything will be covered.

  • We start with understanding the date and timeline for the move.
  • We ask questions to identify obstacles (ie; elevator access, etc)
  • We identify all easy and hard to move items
  • We examine moving spaces, corners, stairs, carpet and flooring
  • We ask in-depth questions about the destination

Our 3 Point Promise

At Eh Buddy Moving Ltd, we are passionate about providing top tier services to our customers.  All of the things that could go wrong with a move, are prevented with our best-practice strategies through our 3 point promise.

Our highly trained estimators will give you a much more accurate estimate than you can get from our competitors.

We would like to ease your worry as all of your prized possessions are fully insured. We are backed by a company that has you totally covered.

Equally as important as the contents to be moved, we take extra care with the spaces you’re moving to and from, being mindful of floors and walls.Best Piano Moving Services in Calgary.

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