Eh Buddy Moving Ltd wants to help you with your upcoming move. Please take a look at some common questions that we receive on a daily basis with the answers to them.

Our prices start at $115/hr (1 hours travel and 3 hour min) and go up from there.

2 men and truck is $125/hr

3 men and truck is $165/hr

4 men and truck is $200/hr

We have cargo and liability insurance to ensure that your contents and home are fully protected. We also lay down runners in all areas that we are moving to protect your floors/carpets. We also pad all items to make sure that they are moved safely. We have all brand new equipment and also tie everything down inside of our truck to make sure that loads do not shift during transportation.

We are a brand new company in SE Calgary. We may sound new but we have an old face. Our team is comprised of over 30 years moving experience. So you can be assured with our top trained crew that you are in safe hands and the service will be efficient and precisely done.

At Eh Buddy Moving Ltd., we charge an all-inclusive rate based on the time it takes us to move you. Before the move happens, an estimator will work with you to understand what belongings will need to be moved. Some of the things that will determine the total amount of time a move takes will be:

  • How many items we are moving?
  • How far we will be traveling?
  • How many stops we need to make?
  • Are items are going into or coming out of storage?
  • Are stairs or elevators involved?
  • Are all of your boxes are packed, marked, and sealed, before we arrive. Doing last minute packing while we load the truck will slow things down.

Our estimator will work with you to get the estimate as accurate as possible. The more precise a you can be when answering our questions, the more accurate we can be when determining how long it will take (and what it will cost you). We know that in addition to cost, moving days can often have strict timelines. It’s important to let us know about any restrictions you have; for example reserving condo elevators. Our estimator is an experiencedmover and also the co-owner, Adam, so he’s very good at predicting how long a move will take.

You are going to want to keep anything you think you and your family will use on moving day. Some of the most common items are toilet paper, paper towels, snacks, phone chargers, things to keep your kids occupied and entertained, and your kids favourite toys. You will also want to keep any medication and important documents like birth certificates and passports with you. You may also want to set aside valuables and sentimental items. On the day of your move, you should put these things in a box or bag that you will take to your new home yourself.

First, determine the square footage of your house. Based on the square footage, you can estimate how many boxes you’ll need based on the average home and it’s contents.

  • Less than 500 sq ft: 3 – 12 large boxes, 8 – 15 medium boxes, 12 – 18 small boxes, 2 – 5 dish barrels, and 3 – 5 wardrobe boxes.
  • Between 500 – 999 sq ft: 5 – 15 large boxes, 10 – 20 medium boxes, 15 – 25 small boxes, 3 – 6 dish barrels, 3 – 6 wardrobe boxes.
  • Between 1,000 – 1,499 sq ft: 10 – 20 large boxes, 15 – 25 medium boxes, 20 – 30 small boxes, 4 – 6 dish barrels, 5 – 7 wardrobe boxes.
  • Between 1,500 – 1,999 sq ft: 15 – 25 large boxes, 20 – 30 medium boxes, 30 – 40 small boxes, 5 – 97 dish barrels, 5 – 10 wardrobe boxes.
  • More than 2,000 sq ft: 20 – 30 large boxes, 25 – 35 medium boxes, 40 – 50 small boxes, 6 – 9 dish barrels, 8 – 12 wardrobe boxes.

Generally, movers can give you an estimate over the phone. In some cases though, moving companies may need to visit your home in person to give you an accurate quote. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you may need an in-home estimate:

  • Is your home 1,500 square feet or larger?
  • Do you have any large or bulky items (e.g., safes or pianos) that may be difficult to move safely and securely?
  • Do you have very valuable items like fine art?
  • Does your home have any narrow hallways, doorways, or stairways that furniture cannot fit through?
  • Will movers have difficulty parking a 26 ft. truck close to your home?
  • Are you moving out of province?

Eh Buddy Moving Ltd. offers free in-home estimates and also give you an accurate in home estimate when completed.

You can usually get moving boxes directly from the moving company you hire. You can also purchase them at large hardware stores. Keep in mind, the size of your vehicle when picking up your boxes. Many large and medium boxes will not fit in two-door or small, four-door vehicles without having to be folded, which can damage the structural integrity of the box.

If you are reusing old boxes or getting boxes from a retail or grocery store, check to make sure the boxes are clean, free of bugs, and do not have water damage, mold, or other structural damage that could cause the box to buckle during the move. You can save money using free or old boxes, but you do run the risk that they could cause damage to your items during the move.

Ask us and we can add our box calculator to your estimate

A member of our team will call you to take $150 deposit. You can give us a credit card over the phone or e-transfer the funds. This deposit is applied to your final balance and is fully refundable should you decide to cancel your move within up to 48 hours of your booked move. If you are booking a last minute move and we are coming within the next day to do your move then you are not required to leave a deposit

Keep in mind the moving crew are working tirelessly to get the move done for you as quickly and safely as possible. They get paid an hourly wage however, tips are always appreciated. You not required to leave a gratuity but typically people will tip anywhere from 10%-25%. Also a google review will help your moving crew shine when it comes time to book the next move and is greatly appreciated by our staff.

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