Service Terms & Conditions – What we cover

The Company shall not be responsible for:

  • Mechanical and electrical functions of instruments,
    Appliances, electronics, etc.
  • Articles in drawers, trucks, or other packages not packed &
    unpacked by company employees.
  • Pictures, glass, mirrors or stone not packed & unpacked in
    boxes by company employees (customer must request this
  • Items lost that have not been inventoried.
  • Ordinary wear & tear caused by moving procedures
  • Acts of God, strikes, riots, or other causes beyond the
    control of the company.
  • Deterioration or injury to perishable foods, plants, flooring
    or unstable furniture.
  • For sums of money or bills, other securities such as gold,
    silver, precious stoned, or other articles of
    extraordinary value contained in any package received for
  • Deterioration due to temperature change or weather
  • Delays, loss of market or loss of use.
  • Injury to goods resulting from previous injury and / or
    improper assembly.
  • Damage or loss to a complete set when only part of such
    set is damaged or lost.
  • Particle board furniture i.e. “IKEA” & lamps not properly
    disassembled & packaged for transport.
  • Injury to goods or premise due to the requirements of
    unusual or unique moving procedures caused by access

All cargo claims are subject to a $250.00 deductible. Eh Buddy Moving Ltd. liability in the event of loss or damage is limited by the terms or conditions of carriage shown in this agreement *Claim is void if bill not paid in full The customer agrees not to ship liquids, explosives, flammables or illegal items in our company vehicles. The owner agrees to notify the company in writing within (5) days of delivery with full particulars of any damage or loss. If this condition is not strictly adhered to the owner waives and agrees to waive all claims for missing or damaged goods.

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