Our 3 Point Promise – Your Calgary Professional Movers Service

Our 3 Point Promise – Your Calgary Professional Movers Service

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Moving Simplified

A Promise Made For Every Move

With Eh Buddy Moving Ltd., you have our word and promise that your move will be hassle free.  Most people are reluctant to get movers either because costs escalate beyond their budgets; items end up broken; or the hired movers don’t take precautions to protect the place they’re moving items from.

This is why Eh Buddy will stand above the competition, providing a smoothly run move to your destination with peace of mind.

Our 3 promises are:

  1. Provide an accurate estimate: Our highly trained estimators will give you a much more accurate estimate than you can get from our competitors.
  2. All of your belongings will be insured:  If it gets damaged, it will be replaced. Our movers will take all precautions and care to move your items safely, but in this day and age, anything can happen, and you should be covered for unpredictable.
  3. Care for your home, old or new: We lay down protective coverings to preserve the cleanliness of your home and we are mindful of every corner and wall, being mindful not to make marks.  If we identify a problem area, we notify you in advance.  Your home will be treated with the same respect as your belongings.
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