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We’re a Calgary Based Moving Company whose goal is to make your move as simple and stress free as possible.

We specialize in Residential, Business and Industrial moves, as well as Specialty Moves.

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    Our Industry Leading 3 Point Promise Will Ensure You Have A Stress-Free Moving Experience

    With Eh Buddy’s 3 Point Promise, attention to detail, and quality customer service, it’s easy to see why over 500 Calgarians have been happy with their quote,
    and why We’ve Moved Over 6540 Boxes to their new locations for our happy customers.

    Your Quote Is Guaranteed

    The price you are quoted is the price you will pay. We consider all items to be moved, and how long a move will take. As a customer, there should be no surprises with your move unless its a new neighbour showing up with an apple pie!

    Your Items Are Insured

    If it gets damaged, it will be replaced. Our movers will take all precautions and care to move your items safely, but in this day and age, anything can happen, and you should be covered for unpredictable.

    Your Home Is Protected

    We lay down protective coverings to preserve the cleanliness of your home and we are mindful of every corner and wall, being mindful not to make marks. If we identify a problem area, we notify you in advance. Your home will be treated with the same respect as your belongings.


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      See what our customers have to say about Eh Buddy Moving LTD

      "Eh buddy is the most reliable moving company in the area and They are affordable as well as very professional. I was recommended them by a friend and was lucky they were able to help my family out last minute and for a great price. They took Great care of our stuff and I would happily call them again and recommend them to any friends that are looking for help moving anything. Highly recommend!"

      - Haven Werner


      See what our customers have to say about Eh Buddy Moving LTD

      "Terry took good care of me and the boys handled my furniture with care. Thank you for your service"

      - Manny S


      See what our customers have to say about Eh Buddy Moving LTD

      "Eh Buddy was absolutely amazing - they did my move with the utmost care and consideration. The movers were very polite and cooperative and went above and beyond. A great experience. I would highly recommend them to anyone else."
      - Brenda Christie
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