Simple Tips to Transform Your Home into Your Personal Castle

Simple Tips to Transform Your Home into Your Personal Castle

The COVID-19 pandemic saw many people spending more time at home, which led to a massive surge in the number of DIY projects completed. Now, thankfully, the pandemic is finally winding down – but that renovating spirit is still going strong. 

From decluttering to repairs to cleaning grime, everyone seems to be reviving their home to create a healthier and more pleasant living environment for themselves and their families. If you’re itching to start some renovations of your own, here are some great tips to get you started, courtesy of Eh Buddy Moving.

Start With Getting Rid of the Clutter

After living in a house for several years, corners get filled with items that don’t belong everywhere. Closets get stuffed with clothing you haven’t worn since the ’90s. And bills can fully cover your counters. Removing these things is the first step in your home refresher program.

  • Treat each corner individually. Decluttering your entire home is an overwhelming task, so the easiest option is to take it step by step. Start with one corner, then move on to the next, and so on. You want to distribute your work in bitesize chunks.
  • Create two piles, one for donations and one for trash. When going through items like clothes and old toys, it’s best to decide what’s going in the garbage and what could be repurposed by giving it to charity.
  • Label your boxes. This might sound obvious but depending on the size of your remodeling project, you might have an easier time simply emptying out one or more rooms so that you have more space to work. Incidentally, this is also great advice if you need to move your business!

Get Important Maintenance Done

While you can do many improvement jobs around the home by yourself, you may need professional help for some.

  • Chimneys need regular cleaning. You can hire a chimney sweep service to get rid of debris, blockages, and soot. A professional sweep will check your chimney and make sure it’s safe to use. You can expect to pay between $100 and $300 for the service.
  • Remove any traces of mold. Black mold is not just unsightly but incredibly dangerous. It can cause breathing problems and various illnesses. Before hiring a mold removal company, check online reviews and their qualifications, and ask how much experience they have.
  • Make sure your electrical appliances are safe to use. A professional electrician can test your sockets and smoke alarms and ensure there are no wiring hazards. This ensures peace of mind, especially if you’re expecting children.

Envision Your Home From a Buyer’s Perspective

Whether you plan on selling now or in the future, embarking on a home improvement journey means you want to consider what a potential buyer would see. Apart from deep cleaning, consider home renovation projects such as building a new kitchen or creating a functional basement space. Even if you don’t plan on selling your house yet, taking steps to increase its value is usually a good investment.

Turn Your Home Into Your New Favorite Place

By improving your home by getting rid of old things and ensuring it’s a safe living environment, you can feel less stressed about having to spend so much time in it. It can also help pass the time while stuck in one space during the ongoing pandemic.

The creation of Eh Buddy Moving was made possible by Adam Morrell and Terry Langdon. Adam spent the last 15 years working for many moving companies and concluded there must be a way to provide a better quality of service to customers.  He knew he could build a better company if he was able to partner with the right administration, financial, and business operating expertise. To learn what we mean firsthand, call (587) 896-2700.

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